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GreenSoil offers clients sustainable and cost effective solutions for soil & groundwater impacted sites. Our team of experienced engineers designs and realizes soil remediation projects especially in complex site conditions.

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GreenSoil is an international player in soil remediation and is specialized in in-situ and on-site soil remediation techniques which are continuously being improved by a strong focus on R&D and innovation.

In our integral approach and total remedial concepts, a combination of techniques is often implemented mostly with a central role for stimulation and optimization of naturally occurring biodegradation processes.


As a general contractor, Greensoil manages the remedial contract as well technically as financially, in close collaboration with strategic partners for the implementation and completion of the remediation. In this way, Greensoil is able to identify and implement the best solution for a contaminated site and to deliver the required result on the long term in a sustainable way.

Given the complexity of soil remediation issues, the best solution differs from site to site and depends on the client’s need for which Greensoil always aims to offer a customized solution.


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05 Feb 2020

From Lumpsum to taking over liability of contaminations: GreenSoil searches for win-win

Lumpsum contracts, fixed outcome guarantees, taking over full liability of contaminations, or any type of contract in between. GreenSoil does not only innovate on a technical level, but also looks for the win-win within the applicable legal framework. …